Our Vision is a Network of Global Online Communities Co-Creating a Flourishing World

"We Are More Together Than Apart" ~ Mark Nepo

“CommUnify” is our new online platform for conscious individuals and communities to network with one another, share resources, and spread the positive energy of an awakened world. You'll be able to

  • join forces with others of like mind, heart and spirit,
  • engage in deep conversations,
  • share wisdom resources,
  • build your community stronger than ever and
  • network with individuals worldwide.

We invite you to share in CommUnify in one of 2 ways:

1) Join us as a Free Member

  • Make new friends all over the world. Chat with others of like mind and heart about fascinating subjects
  • Join new communities with presenters you love in subjects of interest
  • Take our courses, events, and workshops 
  • Enjoy our resource library with curated media such as book reviews, articles, videos, audios, poetry, etc. and add your own!
  • Subjects include awakening consciousness, positive psychology, spirituality, healing, leadership, men's and women's groups and much more.

2) Become A CommUnify Presenter with your own CommUnity that you run (with our assistance)

  • Create your own CommUnity to share your voice, teachings, and wisdom with your people and our members
  • Create and run events, courses, workshops and online groups
  • Create channels for your internal group conversations
  • Upload your own resource library
  • We offer you the support you need to get the platform off the ground (both technology and community building resources) along with marketing assistance and personalized concierge support as well. 

Yes, We All Have a Part in This Play Called Life

The important questions are “who will we choose to be?” and “how will we respond to this moment in time?”, as each of us has a choice in what “part to play” in what unfolds next. 

We can clearly see that we need, more than ever, to join forces to create a new reality, transforming our world for the good of all. Each of us has the opportunity to realign ourselves with our true mission and with those who support us. 

We hope you will join us because the world needs you, more than ever, to do just that! Together we can make great things happen!  

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 Together we can help transform this world into a place where everyone can thrive. 

We invite you to join us today to:

  • Make new friends around the globe 
  • Share your stories, wisdom, and passions through our conversation channels
  • Add helpful resources to our media library
  • Enjoy free membership for individuals

Our first 2 communities are: "Personal Growth Network" and "Love Weavers United" and we are looking for others who are aligned with our mission and are called to share their work in the world.

We encourage you to join if you are interested in helping manifest a brighter, more caring world. If you’d like to create your own online community, we would love for you to join our network of conscious communities!

If you have any questions please email Janet @   I'm happy to chat. 

 In Gratitude, 
The CommUnify Team

“If you come together with a mission and it’s grounded with love and a sense of community, you can make the impossible possible.” ~ John Lewis